We’re modernizing menopause for you.

MIGHTY Menopause® is the first data-driven wellness experience designed specifically for the modern woman and her multi-faceted, multi-year menopause journey

MIGHTY Menopause® is changing the way women deal with menopause-related symptoms. First, with innovative and effective natural supplements. Our evidence-based natural supplements are specifically designed for the different phases of menopause. Formula 4|5, our flagship product, is designed specifically for the common symptoms of early perimenopause. (Pro tip: it's different that post-menopause) It contains clinically-proven ingredients chosen because they’ve shown efficacy in addressing underlying causes of unwanted symptoms. Second, we innovate by providing you with a (seriously) easy way to track how you’re doing while you’re taking our supplements. We call it our Wellness Data Service. Get a daily reminder, weekly check-in and monthly progress chart at your fingertips. Easy, quick, convenient, personalized. It will give you the personal insights you’ve been yearning for.


Women in their 40s & 50s in the US


Of women suffer severe symptoms


Average years of symptoms
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Formula 4|5

When things start to go haywire in your 40s, you’re likely in perimenopause. Formula 4|5 is like none other because it is designed specifically for the hormone profile of perimenopause combining data-backed, effective natural ingredients.

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Formula 5|6

After you stop having periods, you are on your way to a new normal. A different symptom set may arise as your hormonal profile shifts once again. Formula 5|6 is designed using data-backed, effective natural ingredients specifically with this phase in mind.

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MIGHTY’s Wellness Data Service. Track symptoms with three touches of support - a daily reminder, a weekly symptom check-in and a monthly progress chart. All via text message.

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Do you want to be badass at 80? MIGHTY Menopause want you to be. It starts today in your 40s or 50s. Get started with our Fiteval sessions.

What other women are saying...

I felt ignored by traditional OB/GYNs and was immediately drawn to MIGHTY Menopause for the sense of understanding and vision. The supplements and daily reminders have erased my hot flashes as well as eased my other symptoms. I am very happy to have found MIGHTY after years of searching for answers.

What other women are saying...

In less than TWO months, I've seen a real difference - periods are lighter and I feel more energetic, less down on myself. Bravo!

What other women are saying...

The daily reminders are critical! I have been totally faithful to the supplement program as a result. Have barely missed a day.

What other women are saying...

This has been such a huge improvement!! My hot flashes were severe and now they are almost non-existent.

What other women are saying...

I started using the product this month and I am 3/4 through the first bottle. I have more energy, regular movements, and my cycle started again after three months of nothing. I'm 52. I'll definitely be ordering some more of this formula!

About MIGHTY Menopause®

We all know it’s a new world. And menopause feels stuck in the past. Let's change that.

#thisisnotyourmothersmenopause sums it up pretty nicely, doesn’t it?

Why is this not like your mother’s menopause? Because the women dealing with menopause issues right now, mostly women who are currently in their 40s and 50s, are not like their mothers. They are more educated, more empowered and more affluent. They are digital/analog-fluent, have high expectations and are accustomed to making informed decisions, especially about their health. They are modern women trying to do it all, now grappling with the complexities of menopause. And few are focused on them and their interconnected needs through this life-changing journey.

MIGHTY Menopause® offers the first data-driven wellness platform designed specifically for the modern woman and her multi-year menopause experience. MIGHTY Menopause® combines innovative natural herbal supplements with our MIGHTY Wellness Data Service so you can have a personalized experience while taking supplements. 

We all know the frustration of taking supplements and not being able to tell if anything has changed, right? The MIGHTY Wellness Data Service changes that. It helps you remember to take your supplements every day (with daily notifications) and track your symptoms while you’re taking them (with weekly check-in’s). And every month you get your progress chart. All at your fingertips. Revolutionary, isn’t it? It’s so simple yet so empowering. Finally, a seriously easy way track changes while you’re taking supplements. 

The MIGHTY Wellness Data Service is your first step in developing your own personalized wellness data. We all know that the effects of menopause are different for every woman. And so, your personalized wellness data is imperative. And that’s how we bring menopause into this new world. Better supplements + personalized data. It’s the way forward. We are leading the charge - for you.

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