Formula 4|5: the deets.

MIGHTY Menopause Formula 4|5 is like no other natural supplement on the market today. Formula 4|5 is designed specifically for...

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natural perimenopause supplement symptom relief
Supplements + Perimenopause.

Supplements + Perimenopause. Let’s start here: most menopause supplements are not suited for perimenopause. tl;dr: menopause supplements are designed for...

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Your data. Your wellness.

MIGHTY is data-driven wellness. The question you’re probably asking is: what the hell is data-driven wellness.   Let’s start here....

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What to do about it.

Simply put, the idea is not to restore a prior hormonal profile, i.e, return to full reproductive status and never...

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Meet the modern women of menopause.

Today, there are 43m women in their 40s and 50s in the US. And they are really different. They live...

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Hormones 101

Another big challenge for women as they approach menopause is the lack of education about the fundamentals of our hormones....

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