Learning July 23, 2020

Be strong. Stay strong.

I remember growing up in the 70s and 80s seeing those ladies their exercise routines on PBS. How cute they were, right? Turns out, they were on to something.

Movement, muscle strength, range of movement. Like bone health, it's something we need to focus in our 40s and 50s so that we have a foundation of strength, control, agility to build on for when we're 80.  I want to wake up at 80 and be like, damn, I feel good ! (Cue: James Brown) or be like her. #inspo

It’s of particular importance for women at midlife because women lose muscle because estrogen helps maintain muscle quality and muscle mass decreases as a natural part of aging #doublewhammy. 

Let's start with movement.

Do this simple test. Lift your arms up overhead and see how far they can go without bending your elbows. If it’s hard, think about the last time you actually did that! Then take a moment to visualize the shape of your body at the desk, at a dining table, sitting on the couch, driving a car. Basically, the same shape. Repetitive. Routine. Limited.

To increase range of motion, simply start moving in new, non-routine ways. You don’t have to push super hard but go to the place where you're a little bit on your edge and stay there. What matters is that you're opening a little bit to get out of your limited range.

Next, we need more muscle. Don’t worry about becoming Arnold Schwarzenegger. Our bodies are naturally losing muscle as we age so we are very unlikely ever bulk up. #phew

Start with a simple load-bearing using your own body weight, e.g., a plank / high pushup position. The weight of your body on your shoulders is building muscle strength. No weights or equipment or physical trainers. #easypeasy

Here's the basic message - MOVE YOUR BODY - in different ways than you normally do like twist, lean back, bend your knees deeply, bend your hips deeply that all.

Do a yoga class.  Or simply just take 3 minutes in the morning. Do something.

None of us want to become an octogenarian woman hobbling around with a hunchback. We don't have to become those women.

Your future badassery starts today.

PS MIGHTY is about modernizing menopause. And that INCLUDES changing the trajectory of how women's bodies age. Our newest product is designed for you to lay the foundation for your future badassery TODAY in easy, bite-sized steps. Customized for where you are today. Stay tuned. 


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