Learning February 21, 2020

Eat your kale. And your Brussel sprouts.

It is amazing how popular kale and brussels sprouts are now. Do you remember the frozen brussels sprouts box thing that turned into some soggy sad foodstuff that would turn any child away from all things green!? Ewww is the first word that jumps into my head.

It’s a new world out there. Kale and Brussels sprouts have reached quite the peak. There have been many, many times where Trader Joe’s is completely out of stock – both non-organic and organic- of both.  They are on *every* menu I come across. It’s wild.

But it’s so good. Particularly for women in perimenopause. Huh?

This is why. Vegetables like kale, brussels sprouts, broccoli, cauliflower (the cruciferous group of veggies) contain a phytochemical called Indole-3-carbinol (I3C). I3C is known with research backing up to metabolize estrogen.

It gained popularity in the bodybuilding/weightlifting circles because these guys wanted the most impact of testosterone. Part of that approach is to get rid of estrogen. Let’s go a bit deeper. Check this out:

In perimenopause, estrogen levels go up and down. And the “ups” can be really high and if they are frequent, it results in an abundance of estrogen. This excess estrogen can cause some really disruptive symptoms.

Heavy periods. The most disruptive is really heavy periods. There is absolutely no fun in heavy periods. No woman would ever argue that. Heavy periods during perimenopause are commonly caused by too much estrogen. Getting rid of (i.e., metabolizing) estrogen will help.

Hot flashes and anxiety. The “downs” or getting to the “downs” are also problematic. Drops in estrogen levels have been tied to possibly trigger hot flashes and night sweats *and* tied to increased anxiety. Great.

But not all is lost. I3C can also help. Getting rid of estrogen will make the drops less dramatic. Less dramatic drops means less potential for hot flashes and anxiety. #yesplease

If you want to geek out a bit, here’s more science. In the body, I3C metabolizes into DIM. DIM has also been shown to metabolize estrogen (how cool is that?).

So, we included them both in Formula 4|5. Click here to learn more.

And lastly, we’ve said it many times before. And we will say it again and again. We also made the product modern and beautiful. Just like you.

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