Learning October 19, 2020

How long can you go without eating?

The first time most people hear about fasting, it sounds entirely and unequivocally INSANE. Part survival instinct #hellno Part deep attachment to the joy of eating yummy foodies  🍔 🍎 🍦 🍜 🍱  (oh, food glorious food.) #hellyes. Part confusion, i.e., why the hell would you EVER not eat? #whatthehell

The first time, I heard about it, it was like HELL YEAH, that's the best IDEA EVER. #forreal #iknow I have been fasting and detoxing for over 15 years. And I totally, 100% dig it.  In fact, I am just finishing a 3-day water fast as I write this. 👌

Fasting has gained popularity over the years and seems like another crazy fad. A fad touting fitness, fat loss, mood management, hormone balancing, productivity, reduction of inflammation, detox.

And, there are all sorts of fasting. Water fasting, juice fasting, intermittent fasting, block fasting, detox fasting, religious fasting.

I bet that when you have read/heard about fasting, somewhere deeper than the #hellno #hellyea #whatthehell, there was a teeny part of you that was intrigued. There was a perceptible spark of curiosity and of agreement.

Let's start with that.

How does this tie to menopause? When it comes to menopause, meaning the hormonal fluctuations that can manifest in symptoms that disrupt your daily life and self identity, understanding how fasting works, how it can impact (i.e., help balance) hormone levels is powerful stuff.

At the very least, it's worth a listen. Check out FB Live (it's only 20 mins)

Learn the what, how and why of fasting. I know. It sounds utterly crazy. But, deep inside you know you want to try  🙌

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