Learning September 09, 2019

Meet the modern women of menopause.

Today, there are 43m women in their 40s and 50s in the US. And they are really different. They live more complex and full lives than any generation of women before them.

Living longer.
55% of adult lives past menopause
75% increase in life expectancy since 1900

40% drop in deaths from breast cancer since 1989
70% drop in deaths from heart disease since 1969

10x more women with bachelor degrees in 2015 v 1950

Empowered and influential.
4x more women in the workforce in 2015 v 1950
10x more women in Congress since 1949
40% women earn more than their husbands

Savvy and connected
60% of all users of social media are female

Raised in a world where women can do everything and have everything.

Supermom. The first known use of the term “supermom” was in 1974. By then, the first Boomer women were approaching their 30s. The first GenX girls were in their early teens – their formative years socially. These girls will grow up in a society where the concept of supermom takes root and fundamentally shapes how they see themselves in it. We GenX women carry as a core belief that we can do it all and have it all.

These are the modern women of menopause.

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