Learning October 19, 2020

Mythbuster #3 - HRT. WTF.

Getting clarity on HRT (Hormone replacement therapy) is infuriating, right? 😣

So many different sources, so many different interpretations of research results, different levels of education for GYNs, GPs, PCPs, NPs. How the hell are we supposed to be able to make the right decision for ourselves?

Questions abound:

  • What is it *exactly*?
  • What is it good for? (If this tune popped into your head, you're not alone 😋)
  • What are the benefits and risks?
  • What don't we know yet about it?

Hormone Replacement Therapy is polarizing. Some doctors prescribe it like a miracle cure for everyone with any symptom. Some doctors are rather reticent. Some women are like, DAMN, gimme them hormones while some wouldn't take it EVER.

We dedicated an entire FB Live session to unpack the myths (i.e., persistent and unanswered questions) surrounding HRT.

Oh, yeah, we'll touch on a few non-hormone treatments, too.  🌿  🌈

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