Learning October 19, 2020

Time Travel.

Have you ever imagined what you are going to be like when you turn 80?

If not, take a pause right now. Really. Close your eyes and imagine it. After 1️⃣ 2️⃣ 3️⃣ cycles of breath, open your eyes and keep reading.
What did you see? How do you feel?

When I have done that myself, I can't help but smile. Really.

Because, in my mind's eye all the images I have seen over the years of little old ladies dancing with flair and lifting weights (have you seen this lovely older woman at the gym?) flood in and I imagine myself like that! Grey-haired, strong, agile, masterful and badass. Changing the status quo limiting what little old ladies are expected to do and be. That makes me smile 😊

I also recall so many other women - IRL and in the media - that are frail, hunched over and everyone is worried about their fall risk. Ooooph.  😧

That makes me determined. 

Determined to NOT be hunched over. Determined to STAND TALL and have mastery, strength and agility.

One of our other FB Live sessions was an intro to the MANDATE that we move MORE. Because movement, strength and control are the foundation of grace and beauty 💕 👊

We go deeper this week. How to deal with limited range of motion and flexibility in major joints, how get started with some basic weight bearing exercises and how to think about functional strength and mobility. 

This is one of my favorite topics. Because, I'll say it again, mobility and strength are the foundation for grace and beauty. ✨

And one of my favorite pieces of advice is: START NOW  📣

Watch this FB Live sesh for inspiration.

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