Learning October 19, 2020

The Modern Mythology of Menopause.

What do you know about myths?

Myths have been used across cultures over millennia to explain things beyond the prevailing knowledge set. Gods and goddesses would impart judgments onto mortal humans. Their actions taken through forces of nature - storms, earthquakes, death.

Myths are fiction. Beautiful and compelling, often. But not useful for menopause because menopause is REAL.

Not useful when we are trying to figure out menopause - what it is, what it means to us, what we can do about it. These menopause myths limit knowledge, dismiss its importance and hold us back from taking control of the process.

Right? Right! 👊

Time to dispel some of those prevailing myths. #shedsomelight

Check out our FB Live session where we shed light on five most common myths about menopause.

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