Learning October 19, 2020

100% plant-based natural goodness.

Now that it's summer (Is it already summer? What happened to May ... and April, I mean Maypril? Is it Augtober? What day is it anyway? 🤣  )

Right now, we are clamoring to go outside, soak up the sun, feel spaciousness and enjoy nature, right?  ☀️ 🌏 🌳 🌈  😷

It is the perfect time to talk about plants  🌿  Before the ubiquity of modern medicine, civilizations around the world for hundreds and hundreds of years have been healing human ailments with indigenous plants and in, imho, to rather impressive success. I mean, they didn't have microscopes, blood tests or x-rays, right?

We created an entire FB Live series for #wellnesswednesdays. In one of the sessions, we dig deep into a few very interesting plants and what we know about them, i.e., how they impact our body's systems, moods, symptoms and how they help when hormones start to change.

Call it a plant-based primer for perimenopause  🤓

Grab a cuppa and watch the Facebook Live sesh. Your mind and body deserve it.

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