Learning October 19, 2020


🤫  If you couldn't guess it, this post is about SEX 💋

In general, we are not very open about the topic of sex. 🤫 

And it's not a simple topic. What do you like/not like, what do you know/not know, what do you want to learn, what does it mean to you? How well do you know your body? How tuned in are you to desire, pleasure and joy?

Even the World Health Organization (WHO) recognizes that sexual health is a vital component for quality of life. 🤓

And, when it comes to midlife, aging and menopause, we're even less inclined to talk about it. 🤫 🤫

Let's change that.

For women, sexual arousal and satisfaction is more than just a physical impulse. Research shows that, for women, psychosocial factors are a huge factor. And with the hormonal changes during menopause, physiological changes to the vagina, especially, can impact the ability to have intercourse and the desire to as well.

Let's start a conversation about sex at midlife and all its complexities. Because, the world will be a better place if we all have more and better sex. #hellyes

Check out our FB Live session that's all about SEX + Menopause.

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