Learning October 19, 2020

Which test is best?

Did you know there is no standard test to determine menopause status?

From a practical perspective, it makes sense right? I mean, once you stop having periods, you've pretty much hit menopause. #nuffsaid

Just like when you get your first menstrual period, you've hit puberty. And if you were lucky like me, you confided in your mother and she gave you a pad to use. And even luckier, she would tell my father who leaned over at dinner and said to me "I heard you became a woman today." #mortified #teenagerwoes #didntneedatest

There's so much confusion about testing hormone levels. And it's not just about status. It's about degree - how much fluctuation, for how long. Estrogen has hundreds of uses in the body. It is so much more than just not having periods anymore.

So, testing questions abound:

-- Should I get a test? If so, when?
-- What am I looking for? and why is it important?
-- Why look at AMH over FSH? Why one snapshot of Estrogen (Estradiol) doesn't really tell you anything. How does that relate to understanding my menopause transition better?
-- Blood test vs. urine test?
-- With a doctor or take an at-home test? What's the news on the at-home direct-to-consumer diagnostic testing front?

Let's illuminate and organize the world of testing. It can be super useful. I am a huge fan. But you gotta know what's the what and how it can guide you. Get into with our FB Live Session dedicated to the topic.
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