Learning October 19, 2020

Who remembers Sex Ed class?

Who remembers sex ed in elementary school? #funtimes #notembarassingatall

One thing I remember very clearly and carried well into my adulthood and to this day, is the need to track the start of our periods. I remember the teacher telling us girls to make sure to mark the days of our periods on a calendar. 

Despite my baby brain being mostly still unformed (I was 10 at the time), I immediately understood the importance of it all - seeing visually what was happening in my body and for how long, committing to "tracking" my periods and thereby knowing and owning my cycles. It *must* be important if I have to write it down. So I probably took my Hello Kitty pen and waited for my first period.

I took it very seriously. I still do (well, mostly - modern life is pretty busy and sometimes I forgot to mark it).  Maybe that's why I am #obsessed with calendars  🤣

How is this relevant to menopause? It's critical. 

Our individual understanding of our own menstrual history is paramount to understanding the changes that start in perimenopause. The comparisons and the differences are the key to revealing underlying issues and direct us towards solving them.

In this FB Live sesh, we talk 3 things you need to know: why track your periods, what to use to track your periods and how to interpret it during perimenopause.

Why? Because women and their ailments get dismissed as psychosomatic or not real or not legitimate. It's a thing.  Arm yourself with knowledge and confidence and get the treatment you deserve.

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