Learning February 21, 2020

We care about you. And what you’re going through.

All women will go through menopause. It’s 100% natural and it’s 100% normal. Humans are one of the few species on the planet where the females live beyond their reproductive years. Evolutionarily, there has got to be a reason. My opinion is that the elder women are essential to the survival and thriving of her clan and, thereby, her species.

We are essential.

And that’s why MIGHTY exists. That’s why we designed Formula 4|5. Because serving women in their 40s and 50s is critical because they will become the elder women of our clans.

We start by serving them with straight-up better products. Obvs. And, we serve them by changing mindset, too.

Check this out: menopause has slowly increased over the past 100 years. Perimenopause only in the last few decades.


What does that mean? Menopause hasn’t been a societal priority mostly because women were dying in childbirth a lot. So the health needs of older women weren’t so important. Over the last century, menopause has been stigmatized and medicalized which causes obstacles for women, especially the modern women of today.


And this persistent, historical mindset infiltrates so many things. It even infiltrates product design.

I did a search within Amazon for perimenopause and menopause supplements.

Two findings.

#1 – The EXACT SAME formula (i.e., the SAME list of ingredients) marketed as perimenopause and menopause

#2 – 12 different brands for the same EXACT ingredient list.

Our conclusion: no one really cares what ingredients are being used. There’s some supplement designed at some point by somebody and everyone is just trying to sell it.

At MIGHTY, we care. We care enough to take the time to design a supplement specifically for perimenopause. A formula that doesn’t exist anywhere like it.

We care enough to make it look and feel modern, stylish, and beautiful. We care enough to make it both convenient and intelligent using multiple researched-based ingredients in one capsule.

We are about all the modern sophisticated women, like you. We care that you are intelligent and an informed consumer. We care that you want to know what your options are – natural remedies vs pharmaceuticals. We care that you are dealing with a life-changing transition at the same time you’re managing everything else (work, life partner, children, parents, travel, community #allthethings). 

At MIGHTY, we care. A lot.

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