Learning October 19, 2020

Xeno - what? Xenoestrogens, that's what.

I don't know about you but when I hear "xenoestrogen" I think:

Seems like science fiction. How could there be so many chemical and biological processes to create derivatives of estrogen, the primary female sex and reproductive hormone in female humans - the key to human life - that are so harmful?

That's some deep shit.

At the very least, we should educate ourselves regarding what they are, where they are, how they impact the body and why limit exposure.

Especially important as women go through the menopause transition when the beginning stage has high levels of endogenous estrogen (your body doesn't not need more) and later when it is adjusting to the new normal of low estrogen (you want to be careful of the impact of these environmental (aka exogenous) estrogens).

From plastic bottles to cosmetics to industrial agricultural pesticides, we are up against it. But, again, knowledge is power so here we go.

Find out more in our FB Live sesh discussing this very topic.
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