Learning December 04, 2019

Your data. Your wellness.

MIGHTY is data-driven wellness. The question you’re probably asking is: what the hell is data-driven wellness.   Let’s start here. There are millions and millions of people who take supplements. So many that dietary supplement sales in the US are greater than $30 billion per year. And if you are reading this, you probably are one of them. I am, too.

And we all have had some version of this experience: we find some compelling new research in an article, we buy the supplement, and start taking it; then after a few weeks, we can’t remember why we are even taking it or if it’s it made a difference at all. And we do this again and again. I don’t know how you feel, but this is how it feels to me: frustrating.

Or, we start taking it the first few days and then forget to take them regularly. And the bottle just sits on the shelf for months. Even more frustrating.

Wouldn’t it be great if that whole thing could just be better? Sometimes it’s hard enough to find the supplement you need. Then, after you’ve found what you think is the right supplement, there are challenges that lay ahead. Here are the problems with taking supplements that pretty much everyone knows personally:

  • We want to make a change but it’s hard to establish a new daily routine
  • We want to feel better and be healthier but it’s hard to remember how we feel day-to-day, week-to-week
  • We want to know if there’s been an impact from the decision we’ve made to know whether to keep going or not.

MIGHTY is changing that. Very simply. With our Wellness Data Service. We start with the most basic touches of support - a daily reminder, a weekly symptom check-in and a monthly progress chart. A service that helps you directly and immediately that is tied to our MIGHTY Menopause supplements.

It’s so basic yet so powerful. You get a light-touch daily to remember to commit to your new regimen. You get a quick and easy weekly check-in so you don’t have to keep brain space to remember it (or launch yet another app). You get a visual of what those check-ins look like every month. All via text message. No app needed.

At the end of the month, we can tell you how many times you’ve taken it, i.e., your hit rate. We show you your numbers after one month so you can quickly and easily (a picture is worth a thousand words, right?) know what’s up. And, you can know right away the impact of your efforts.

So, simple. So useful. Easy and convenient. It’s your data. It’s your data showing one aspect of your overall wellness.

The question is: why hasn't anyone thought of this yet?

As we build more features, imagine you are able to add more symptoms to track and able to compare yourself to everyone else using the same supplement or the same age as you. Every piece of data will give you deeper insights to your own status. Insights that we are all craving. Insights that will allow us to make the best decisions and the next choices as we pursue health and well-being.

It all starts with some basic text messages. It all starts with MIGHTY Wellness Data Service.

Your data. Your wellness. So you can make better decisions. That's data-driven wellness.

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