What to know about night sweats, women!

First what are they? The name is pretty self-explanatory. Night sweats are exactly what you think they are. Sweating at...

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3 pre-menopause symptoms that will put you on an emotional roller coaster

Before we get into those 3 pre-menopause symptoms, let's level-set around the word menopause. Menopause is two things, really. First,...

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Early Menopause.

Let's talk about early menopause. One of the biggest challenges about hearing the phrase “early menopause” is that there's so...

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3 Perimenopause Symptoms That You’ll Know When You Get Them

tl;dr  (1) really heavy periods (they call it "flooding" for a reason) (2) shorter cycles ("every two weeks?! for real?!) (3) high...

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Formula 4|5: the deets.

   MIGHTY Menopause Formula 4|5 is like no other natural supplement on the market today. Formula 4|5 is designed specifically...

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natural perimenopause supplement symptom relief
Supplements + Perimenopause.

Supplements + Perimenopause. Let’s start here: most menopause supplements are not suited for perimenopause. tl;dr: menopause supplements are designed for...

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