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Formula 4|5

60 Capsules | 1 Month
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The Formula 4|5 is like no other supplement. It is specifically designed for the hormonal profile at perimenopause.  In general, during perimenopause, estrogen is on the high side and fluctuates wildly while progesterone wanes. Low progesterone ca...

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The Formula 4|5 is like no other supplement. It is specifically designed for the hormonal profile at perimenopause.  In general, during perimenopause, estrogen is on the high side and fluctuates wildly while progesterone wanes. Low progesterone can cause irregular cycles. Women are considered in perimenopause once they start experiencing symptoms (like heavy periods, shortened cycles, and big changes in mood) until they’ve gone 12 months with no period and have technically reached menopause. 


Dosage is 2 capsules per day.

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  • Benefits


    • Metabolize estrogen
    • Boost progesterone
    • Increase bioavailability
    • Multi-symptom relief in 6 weeks


    • Convenient: All the ingredients you need, in a single capsule.
    • High Quality: our supplements are non-GMO, Soy-Free, hormone-free, all natural, plant-based and  manufactured in the USA
    • Innovative: no other formula like this on the market

    Most menopause formulas replace waning estrogen. Women in perimenopause do not need more estrogen.  Formula 4|5 gets rid of estrogen helping to metabolize E with I3C and DIM and boost liver function with Milk Thistle


    Free enrollment in Wellness Data System so you can start to create your personal wellness data set

    • Customized daily reminder and adherence
    • weekly symptom check-in
    • data visualizations
  • Ingredients

    Formula 4|5 is a superior formula based on plants and phytochemicals with proven efficacy. Formula 4|5 consists of MIGHTY Proprietary Blend, EstroG-100®, and BioPerine® 

    MIGHTY Proprietary Blend combines Milk Thistle, Chasteberry, and both I3C and DIM to help promote liver health, boost progesterone production and metabolize estrogen, respectively.

    The EstroG-100® supplement is a blend that has been used to address women’s health issues for over 400 years in Korea and China. Clinical studies indicate this blend reduces symptoms associated with perimenopause and menopause in as little as 6 weeks. 

    BioPerine® is a black-pepper derivative that is widely accepted to enhance bioavailability.

  • Data
    • EstroG-100® showed improvement in 11 menopause related symptoms in 6 weeks [1]
    • Chasteberry helps promote progesterone production [2] and hot flashes [3]
    • Milk Thistle helps promote healthy liver function to filter the blood and [4]
    • I3D and DIM help promote metabolism of estrogen and has the added bonus of creating a beneficial estrogen metabolite [5] [6]
    • Piperine is well known to increase bioavailability [7]


What other women are saying...

I felt ignored by traditional OB/GYNs and was immediately drawn to MIGHTY Menopause for the sense of understanding and vision. The supplements and daily reminders have erased my hot flashes as well as eased my other symptoms. I am very happy to have found MIGHTY after years of searching for answers.

What other women are saying...

In less than TWO months, I've seen a real difference - periods are lighter and I feel more energetic, less down on myself. Bravo!

What other women are saying...

The daily reminders are critical! I have been totally faithful to the supplement program as a result. Have barely missed a day.

What other women are saying...

This has been such a huge improvement!! My hot flashes were severe and now they are almost non-existent.

What other women are saying...

I started using the product this month and I am 3/4 through the first bottle. I have more energy, regular movements, and my cycle started again after three months of nothing. I'm 52. I'll definitely be ordering some more of this formula!


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Christy T.
United States United States

Finally found something that works!!

I noticed the difference within 2 weeks of taking mighty menopause. My mood swings are much more controlled and the hot flashes have mostly disappeared. I am very happy with the results so far.

Paula B.
United States United States

Wonderful Supplement!

This supplement has been a lifesaver for my perimenopause symptoms. I no longer have those night sweats and I sleep through the night! I highly recommend this supplement!

Georgina C.
United States United States

Hot flashes, night sweat

it doesn't help me:(

Lee-Ann S.
United States United States

Quick symptom relief

I’ve been through two cycles while taking this supplement so far. What relief! The fatigue I usually experience is virtually gone. The premenstrual pain I have known for so many years is calming down. I’m so glad to have Mighty menopause in my corner!

Kristin S.
United States United States

2nd month

This my second month of using this product every day. Love the reminders every day. It's my 2nd month of having a cycle without many cramps, that's a plus. I wasn't having hot flashes before but I did have a month of having heat surges before I started this. I don't have them much anymore. I do wish it would help decrease the size of my fibroid and I still have heart palpitations though those are a little better too.

Formula 4|5
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