It’s More than Empowerment. It’s Agency.

It’s 2019 and all about agency.


Our core tenet is that trust, wisdom, empathy fuel empowerment and gives rise to agency. Trust in the form of high-quality, effective supplements and an integrated data-backed approach. Wisdom in the form of personal wellness data that you create and you control. Empathy in humanizing and normalizing menopause and in doing so elevating all women as they age. We endeavor to catalyze trust, wisdom, and empathy to create a world where older women have full agency. And, one where older women feel vital and radiant, relevant and contented in a society that upholds them. #thenewmatriarchy

Our menopause online community is meant to help each and every one of you deal with the changes and effects of aging. We know how difficult the menopausal transition can be. Whether you have just started early menopause or going into the later stages, you're going to notice major changes during this period of your life. While symptoms can vary from woman to woman, some of the most common health outcomes may include changes in hormone levels, depression, joint pain, mood swings, and a number of different side effects. 


While most women in the past had to accept these changes and go through these difficult side effects, we decided that enough was enough. Instead of recommending traditional menopausal hormone therapy to our patients, we created an all-encompassing approach to treat symptoms at their source. Why? Because your health and wellness is our number one priority. We try to make your menopausal transition as seamless as possible by providing you with herbal treatment methods, personal diagnostics, and a growing menopause community for you to share your experiences with. At MIGHTY Menopause™, we don't ever want you to feel like you are fighting your symptoms alone.


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Trust is the basis for all relationships. We decide to whom we give our trust. The decision is even more important when it comes to our wellness and well-being. When it comes to the menopause experience, trust is crucial.

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At MIGHTY we aspire to be this woman’s trusted source, her concierge and confidante, her coach and her community. A place where what she reads is aligned with the design of the supplements and with the treatment approach she gets from her MIGHTY-trained doctor or health coach. No more conflict or confusion. Just trust.


We all admire it. We all seek it. We all have it. Before we can get to wisdom, we need data. Because data leads to knowledge which leads to insight. And it’s from these insights, we derive wisdom. For the individual and for the collective.

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For the individual, your personal Wellness Data Set is the foundation tying what you do (taking MIGHTY Supplements) with how you feel (personal symptom tracker). These most basic insights will fuel self-awareness and personal wisdom.


And we all know that wisdom is meant to be shared. Imagine the impact of all the individual data, insights and wisdom aggregated across all the women who are part of MIGHTY Menopause™. We will be able to compare one woman to her peers, evaluate peer groups like never before – how symptoms change, how hormones change, what treatments work and which don’t.


Answers we do not have. And answers that we are all yearning for. And with those answers, imagine how it will change health and wellness for women at midlife. Pretty damn cool.


Empathy is the heart of the matter. And it is the heart of all that we do at MIGHTY. We exist to elevate women - as they age. First, we humanize and normalize the menopause experience. We do that through meaningful connection and deploying unique drivers of social change.

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Empathy is about being human and recognizing the humanness in others. Menopause is a natural human experience which has been medicalized and treated as a disease of deficiency and loss and older women are underappreciated.


Empathy will uplift the menopause experience out of this long shadow so that women can shine brightly. It starts with creating space for a new paradigm. It also starts simply with one woman reaching out to another. Destigmatize. Humanize. Accept.


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A world where women are radiant and vital as they age

“Women are badass and midlife is no time to forget that. Women are the foundation of families, of communities big and small and, frankly, of life. When women thrive, everyone thrives. Today, women are now living >50% of their adult lives past menopause. My deep passion is to elevate women as they age. And it starts with menopause. So badass women continue to thrive and we have a world full of women who are radiant and vital as they age.”

Jeanne Chung, Founder and CEO of MIGHTY
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