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Formula 4|5 | $48

The Formula 4|5 is like no other supplement. It is specifically designed for the hormonal profile at perimenopause.  In general, during perimenopause, estrogen is on the high side and fluctuates wildly while progesterone wanes. Low progesterone can cau...

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Formula 5|6 | $48

After periods stop, your hormones are said to be on their way to a new normal. Different symptoms may arise as the hormonal profile shifts once again. Formula 5|6 is designed using researched-backed effective natural ingredients specifically with this ...

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All our ingredients have shown effectiveness in clinical research. For custom blend is designed to address menopause-related symptoms including hot flashes, mood swings, or heavy periods. Our ingredients are 100% natural, non-GMO, soy-free, hormone-free, plant-based, and manufactured in the USA at a GMP facility.

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The MIGHTY understands the different hormonal phases of menopause - perimenopause, early post-menopause and later post-menopause. We design unique menopause formulas for the different phases of menopause because the different phases may have different symptoms.

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Designed to address multiple symptoms because they may not come alone.² Multiple powerful natural remedies in one capsule. Convenient. Effective.

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Personalized insights and personalized data can be yours. With the MIGHTY Report™. Finally, the personalize insights you are looking for. You get daily reminders, weekly symptom check-ins and monthly progress charts all via text message.

What other women are saying...

I felt ignored by traditional OB/GYNs and was immediately drawn to MIGHTY Menopause for the sense of understanding and vision. The supplements and daily reminders have erased my hot flashes as well as eased my other symptoms. I am very happy to have found MIGHTY after years of searching for answers.

What other women are saying...

In less than TWO months, I've seen a real difference - periods are lighter and I feel more energetic, less down on myself. Bravo!

What other women are saying...

The daily reminders are critical! I have been totally faithful to the supplement program as a result. Have barely missed a day.

What other women are saying...

This has been such a huge improvement!! My hot flashes were severe and now they are almost non-existent.

What other women are saying...

I started using the product this month and I am 3/4 through the first bottle. I have more energy, regular movements, and my cycle started again after three months of nothing. I'm 52. I'll definitely be ordering some more of this formula!

About MIGHTY Menopause™

Let’s talk symptoms. Menopause symptoms.

When you search menopause symptoms, you’ll most likely get a litany of lists and articles that do their best to cover this broad, serious and not-yet-well-understood topic. It is helpful to know the symptoms of menopause and why/when they could arise as well as what to do about them.³

Symptoms are phase-specific - perimenopause, early post-menopause and later post-menopause. Generally, it’s during the first two phases when hormones are likely shifting that symptoms can arise and persist. Let’s look at perimenopause.

One of the first signs of perimenopause is menstrual-related symptoms. These symptoms arise because your hormonal profile is shifting. Estrogen production in variable and higher on average than you would guess (research shows the average estrogen levels in perimenopause are higher than during puberty) and is also volatile (though no one knows yet exactly why hot flashes and night sweats occur, it is thought to be a result of changes/drops in estrogen). Progesterone production starts to wane (which also affects the estrogen-progesterone ratio which is also an important factor for overall balance).

Common symptoms at perimenopause are heavy bleeding and clotting (result of too much estrogen building the endometrial lining), shortened cycles (result of waning progesterone) and mood issues like anxiety, depression, and anger (due to hormone fluctuations and stress).⁴

Once you stop having periods, you have hit menopause.⁵ and all the symptoms related to your period go away. In early-post menopause, estrogen production starts to wane and move towards a new normal (i.e., very, very low level). The most prevalent and disruptive symptoms now are hot flashes and night sweats and mood issues like anxiety, depression and other physical issues like joint pain, urogenital issues, cognitive function.

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