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What is the MIGHTY Report™? It’s the visualization of how your symptoms change week by week. How does it happen? We send you an automated check-in via text message every week. You text back with how you're feeling. That's it. MIGHTY does the rest. After four weeks, we create your personalized chart that shows how your symptom levels changed over the month.

When you set yourself up for the MIGHTY Report™, you also get a daily reminder via text message along with your weekly symptom check-ins. We use your symptom levels to create your personal monthly progress chart. You can track up to two symptoms.

It is a service designed to work with MIGHTY Menopause supplements and available for free exclusively for MIGHTY Plan™ members.


Get a daily reminder to take your MIGHTY supplement. You choose the time. We ping you then. That’s it.


Track two symptoms with weekly check-ins to see how you feel compared to the previous week.


The MIGHTY Report shows how your symptoms levels changed over the month. A picture is worth a thousand words.


All via text message. Designed to make your life easier and your decisions better. No more apps or clunky interfaces.

What They Say about the MIGHTY Report …

These daily reminders are critical. I’ve been totally faithful to my supplement program as a result.

M. Fox
What They Say about the MIGHTY Report …

The daily reminders make me feel like there’s someone out there who cares about me.

What They Say about the MIGHTY Report …

All the features that goes with the MIGHTY Report make is so easy. It’s amazing how powerful it is to see your symptoms levels in a chart. Finally, a way to track symptoms *while* you're taking a supplement!

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  • Data-backed
  • Phase-specific
  • Multi-symptom
  • Personalized
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