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  • Benefits
  • Ingredients
  • Data
  • Benefits
    • Self-knowledge: understand where you are today in terms of strength and flexibility
    • One-on-one guidance: private session with an experienced yoga teacher and trainer
    • Customized and personalized training sequence to build strength and increase flexibility, at your point pace, starting where you are at today
  • Process
    • Select which FitEval you want. After purchase, you will get a link to schedule your session.
    • Your session will be held by Zoom with Jeanne Chung, Founder of MIGHTY and yoga teacher with 20 years of experience.
    • Jeanne will take you through a set sequence of exercises to check your strength and flexibility. And together you will create your personalized routine.
  • Tracking

    You will have access to the MIGHTY Wellness Data Service where you can receive daily reminders to do your routine, weekly check-in and monthly progress chart.

What other women are saying...

I felt ignored by traditional OB/GYNs and was immediately drawn to MIGHTY Menopause for the sense of understanding and vision. The supplements and daily reminders have erased my hot flashes as well as eased my other symptoms. I am very happy to have found MIGHTY after years of searching for answers.

What other women are saying...

In less than TWO months, I've seen a real difference - periods are lighter and I feel more energetic, less down on myself. Bravo!

What other women are saying...

The daily reminders are critical! I have been totally faithful to the supplement program as a result. Have barely missed a day.

What other women are saying...

This has been such a huge improvement!! My hot flashes were severe and now they are almost non-existent.

What other women are saying...

I started using the product this month and I am 3/4 through the first bottle. I have more energy, regular movements, and my cycle started again after three months of nothing. I'm 52. I'll definitely be ordering some more of this formula!

What They Say about Us…

The session was so straightforward. Jeanne made it very easy to understand my body and how it moves and what I need to do to feel better in it!

What They Say about Us…

My personalized routine is truly perfect. It’s short and effective. I feel more bad ass every day


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  • Data-backed
  • Phase-specific
  • Multi-symptom
  • Personalized
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